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kiani Wire Industry with brand name foulka  is one of the first companies since 1966 in Iran in the production of Black wire - galvanized wire-metal nets electroless copper platting wire baked wire and ... 50 years of experience. Over the years, we have provided many services for customer satisfaction. In recent years, our reputation in this industry has been quite clear

Our Products

Electroless Copper Platting Wire

One of our products is electroless copper platting wire . we produce this wires with high quality in our factory , this wires have many different sizes from 1 mm until 12 mm in two typs of coil and branch

these type of wire use in many industry  for example in kitchen appliances industry or produce cage for bird . electroless copper platting wire is more expensive ahead of the black wire and acid proof wire because  of the materials

electroless copper platting wire 1

Black Wire

Typically composed of 0.45% to 0.86% carbon, High Carbon Wire is often referred to as carbon tool wire. Hard to cut, weld, or bend, High Carbon Wire becomes slightly stiff and brittle after heat treatment. Wires made from high carbon steel are widely used in a variety of different applications and low carbon is soft and  easy to cut.

foulka company made this black wire from high quality bar from the best  wire rode in our country in two type of coil a branch from 1 mm until 12 mm this black wire use in many industry as you know just enough to see

uses of black wire

The diameter of 1.20 and 1.5 mm is usually used for construction purposes and reinforcement projects

Diameter 5.2 is usually used for molding

Higher diameters, which are usually 3 and 4 mm, are used for industrial, construction, carpentry and packaging around your life

black wire

White Wire-Acid Proof Wire

white wire come frome the black wire how ? with acid after producing black wire we  put them in acid pool and let them to be clean
and after that we  have a clean white and beautiful wire
the size of this wire is the same size with black one and electroless copper platting wire

white wire acid proof wire

Binding Wire

foulka Company operates in the field of producing different types of black wire in different sizes. You can call our consultants to get the necessary information on how to buy black wire according to your needs. Black annealed wire is a type of wire that is used in many industries. This wire, called black annealed wire, is made in an annealing furnace at a very high temperature, so it is also known as annealed wire. . In the following, you will get to know the specifications and features of black wire

Specification of black wire 

Produced at high temperature up to 900 degrees

Produced in dimensions 1/20, 1/50, 2/50, 3, 4

Super flexible and soft

Use in various industries

Binding wire

Galvanized Wire

Galvanized wire, which is also known as white wire, is an example of various types of wire that are used for various purposes. This type of galvanized wire is usually produced in two types, cold and hot, . our company  produce hot-dip galvanized wire, which is of very high quality

White galvanized wire is produced during a process known as galvanizing, and during this process, the resistance of this type of wire increases. Since white wire is produced in stepwise processes, the quality of the steps is important in the final quality of this product. foulka Company operates in the field of producing all kinds of wire in different sizes. The white wire produced by this company is hot-dip galvanized and has first-class quality

specifications of galvanized wire

The galvanized wire produced by foulka Company is of hot type, and as a result, it has a very high quality

Galvanized wire is used for various applications due to its color

Galvanized wire has a very high resistance

Resistance to moisture and rust

galvanized wire

Hexagonal Fence

Hexagonal Fence is an example of lace that has high sales. Contrary to its name, this type of net can be used in various industries, which we will discuss below

The net produced by foulka Company has a very high quality and low carbon, and it has a very strong and completely flat structure. This lace is produced in this company in 4 different models

The use of fence mesh has also been seen in various industries and is one of the most widely used products in many industries



Having proper strength and better beauty

The most popular type of netting for fencing

Available in two types of small

springs and large springs

Having a standard size

Moisture resistance

hexagonal fence

Gabion Fence

Gabion Fence or gabion net, which is known as Gabion, is an example of a high resistance net that is also suitable for wet areas due to the efficiency of galvanized mesh

Gabion is one of the best choices due to its high resistance and reasonable cost. Considering the high uses of gabion and the reasonable price, this product is one of the best-selling products

Gabion nets have high durability, this feature has caused them to be used in areas with water pressure. Therefore, one of the applications of gabion is to use gabion as a wall for underground pipes

With more than 50 years of experience, foulka Company is trying to produce the best type of gabion by providing high quality products.


In the following, we will get to know the specifications of the gabion produced by foulka Company.

Produced in different sizes

Resistant to moisture and pressure

Very high durability

Resistant to water pressure

High flexibility

gabion fence

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